Saturday, August 18, 2018


     A neat little set of relay interfaces:

     They're for work.


Rich in NC said...

Very colorful.
One's Missing.
Looks like fun.
Rich in NC

pigpen51 said...

A very neat job. My forays into building ham radios, a 25 watt transmitter, to be precise, looked more like a rat had gotten into the parts drawer and had a litter of babies.

I used a 600 volt center tap transformer, a 6L6 tube, and plug in coils and xtals. I was able to use it on a couple of bands. Strictly CW, of course, but I made contacts from Canada to Lima, Peru. That has been so long ago, I was a novice licensee. In the late 70's I think.

The Neon Madman said...

Just curious - why not spin a couple of boards using something like ExpressPCB ? Even for one-offs, That's what we usually do because reliability and repairability are better.

Roberta X said...

Neon, these are two different board designs and they can be built in the time it takes to lay out a PC board, then put into service the same day. The little boards have continuous strips of solder pads across the short dimension, with letter designations down one axis and numbers down the other. You do the layout on grid paper, noting pad cuts and jumpers by "bingo number." If you're in a real hurry, you just start building and make cuts and jumpers as needed.

I keep the stripboard in stock at work, along with basic supplies.

The shelf is modular -- any single board can be removed and replaced without having to power it down. It's a compromise; for larger projects, we have used card cages and backplanes.

mostly cajun said...

Tiny little things. About the smallest I get is the standard 'ice cube' Potter Brumfield KUP series and others of that size, and we do point to point wiring.