Sunday, August 26, 2018

Skipping Another Gun Show

     Tam and I were going to go to the big Indy 1500 Gun Show today but I find that I just can't.  I was ill all day Friday and worked anyway; I felt pretty lousy Saturday.  I'm better today but my knee had started throbbing Saturday night, up and down the basement stairs doing laundry, and as I was getting ready today, well behind my planned schedule, I realized I wasn't looking forward to the show, I was dreading it.

     The years take their toll.  2018 was probably my last year for the Dayton Hamvention, what with the months of knee problems that followed.  The new venue takes a miserably long drive, the weather's been terrible and for me, it's no longer the same event it was at Hara Arena.. 

     Shuffling through the 1500, jammed elbow-to-elbow with everybody, has always been difficult for me and anymore, if my right knee gets irritated, it could take weeks to get things back to normal.  That's too much to risk.

     Tam's just as annoyed as you might expect, and with good reason -- my avocation is her work.  We'd been going to the show together less and less -- her local friends who spend more time shooting usually take her -- but she'd hoped to this time.


JPD said...

Have you looked into a knee replacement? I spent years going through what you describe. Replaced my knee 2 1/2 years ago. Best thing I ever did. 2 days in hospital, limited walking the first few days, fine after 30 days of re-hab. All my strength back, zero pain.

RandyGC said...

Sad to hear of not being chances for an Eyeball QSL at Dayton.

Maybe Ft. Wayne sometime maybe.

I hope that you are able find a path to getting yourself back to a place where you can enjoy things you obviously have in the past.

Old NFO said...

So sorry to hear that. Here's hoping you can recover and get your mobility back. I know it took me about five months after my knee surgery to be 'comfortable' in a crowd, and not be in pain after an hour or so.

Roberta X said...

I want to put off the knee replacement as long as I can. Given the way my body reacted to the plate they put in after I broke my thighbone and knee, and which they later had to take out, I am not a good prospect for a replacement knee. If they chop out your original knee and stuff in a steel replacement and that doesn't work, there are no good options left.

After my recent car wreck, I cut short the post-Dayton physical therapy. I didn't keep up the home exercises. I should have.

Anonymous said...

Keep putting it off as long as you can. It ain't much but it's mine.