Monday, October 29, 2018

Box Of Purses

     I think it's a sign of something.  Age, probably.  Sunday, I started in straightening up my bedroom and I kept finding purses and bags and the occasional laptop case.  Eventually I had a big storage tub full of them even after throwing out the worn-out ones.

     Once I finish, I guess I'll go through them one more time, sort out a few useful ones, and take the rest to Goodwill.  Didn't expect to find so many!


JohnMXL said...

Before donating them, consider them 'all dead' and go thru the pockets to check for loose change.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Me: A laptop bag and a laptop backpack (use the former for "everyday" and the latter for flying)

Her: So. Many. Purses.

"New purse?"

"Yes, it's to go with ". Or, "It's for the party next week." Or, "Eff you, I just liked it; it's purple/pink/has a dolphin on it."

Nobody told me marriage would mean so many purses. :D

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

(Sorry, that first new purse was "Yes, it's to go with [outfit du jour]." I hate the way Blogger handles lt and gt angle brackets.)

Merle said...

How are you fixed for holsters??? :)


Roberta X said...

I have too many holsters that aren't very good, and too few that are. The pocket holster I keep my purse gun in is wearing out and needs replacement; it's main function is to cover the trigger guard, so it's not as difficult a thing to find as a good IWB holster.

Earl said...

I after paying off the mortgage, decided to remove the junk and excess - hired College Hunks and they took all I had prepared for removal, after they departed - I found more they should have taken with them, amazing how much it seems like digging into the past. I need to keep on digging, before my heirs have to find out what my life was really like.