Thursday, January 09, 2020

No Fun

     Rannie the cat and I have something in common.  I think mine is milder, but it does seem that I've been fighting a sinus infection over the last few days.  It hit pretty hard this morning and after trying to ignore it, I finally had to admit defeat.

     I called in sick and went back to bed.  Slept like a log until about ten minutes ago, so I guess that was what I needed.

     Last night's dinner was a deli pork roast from the hot food cabinet (and darned good); I'd browned left-over slices of it for breakfast and made a couple into a sandwich for work, so that's my lunch.  With a little horseradish to help my sinuses!


Merle said...

Add more horse radish for quicker relief! :)


RandyGC said...

Amazing what turning off the world for a few hours will do to help your body concentrate on a fight with invading bugs.

Hope you are both fully recovered soon!

Anonymous said...

As I've aged, I've found that when you 1st begin feeling like you are coming down with a bug, drink a shot of favorite liquor (or a dose of cough medicine) and crash out extra early. You may not wake up completely over it, but it appears to shorten how long I am sick.

Anonymous said...

I rarely get colds anymore due to getting pneumonia shots regularly. Something in them seems to also stave off typical rhinoviruses. But when I do feel one coming on I can shorten it considerably by taking a hot soaky bath and then going to bed with a pint of my favorite brandy, to be administered at frequent intervals.

When the brandy is gone, I sleep soundly and wake up feeling almost like new!