Thursday, July 16, 2020

It Keeps On

     Now I have to change the IPs of a bunch of simple widgets -- that all have to see one another.  And they're all multi-channel input-output devices with considerable setup per channel, which will be awkward and sloe to rebuild if I lose it.  So, you know, no pressure.

     All this is because IP networking is apparently voodoo rather than technology.  There have got to be tools that would let us analyze the traffic problems that occasionally jam everything up, but all of the highly-trained experts tell me no, no, it can't be done -- and warn me not to try.  "Can't be done."

     Okay, then.  Let me just press these cuneiform letters into soft clay, and as soon as it hardens, we'll run it through and see if it works.  And if not, well, there's plenty of sticky mud left.

     There's no such thing as a Wireshark, hey?


Rick T said...

I hope the network shamans ordered switches for this project with full duplex non-blocking back planes so the switches at least aren't the bottleneck.

We fixed one data flow (backup performance) problem when we moved the traffic off an 8:1 oversubscribed switch blade to dedicated high-bandwidth switches.

Assuming everything on the network is doing bursty web traffic fails hard when you have real-time streaming media traffic to manage.

Zendo Deb said...

While they should know about Wireshark, there is something to the idea that it is a house of cards, put together with 1970s tech. That is certainly where it started.

Not sure about the clay tablets, but at least there are no punched-cards or floppy drives involved.