Thursday, July 30, 2020

Wednesday Dinner

     So I cooked a brisket:


     Tamara took a photo of last night's dinner -- a chimichurri-marinated brisket slow-cooked in a sealed pan on the grill. I added potatoes, onion, carrots, red bell and Poblano peppers and sliced mushrooms about an hour or 45 minutes before the meat was done.

      I had some misgivings at about the one-hour mark, and added some water. The bottom did get a little well done, but the rest of the meat was very tender.  Next time, I'll cook it fat side down.

      Wasn't too sure about the vegetables and the chimichurri, but let me tell you, they were absolutely wonderful. Just a little heat to it.

      There's not really a recipe for this. Brisket gets about an hour per pound over indirect heat (rake the coals to the sides of the grill) and the veggies are added with about an hour to go. Use whatever vegetables you have -- turnips are good in this, celery would work, whatever your garden grew too many of. (Zucchini? Maybe. They kind of want tomatoes, and so it goes....) Keep it covered the rest of the time, let it sit a few minutes before slicing the beef and enjoy!


RandyGC said...

Looks yummy

The Old Man said...

Good point about da zuckinnies as I relate. The texture will not allow any pleasure to me palate. Most else in the recipe sounds good - the Bosslady had disc surgery so I'm chief-cook-and-bottle disinfector-purchasing-agent-dog-valet right now. Over many years I've adapted a bunch of your techniques/kitchen cheats. TYVM.

JayNola said...

I'm not sure if you all have watched The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel but they actually posted "her" brisket recipe and it looks really tasty.

Roberta X said...

JayNola, I did watch it, and I'm intrigued by the recipe now.

Linda said...

Hello Roberta,

Just a quick comment from a stealth reader (or listener as Hubby reads). It is always fun to see what you cook for dinner and make it all seem so effortless. You have a real knack for what goes together and it always sounds and looks delicious. Oh, and thanks for putting us on to Shishito peppers. I planted one this year and we've been enjoying them, though they are quite mild.

Roberta X said...

Thank you, Linda! I like to cook, and I'm usually working with a limited palette and not much time, so your words are high praise indeed. :)