Thursday, July 09, 2020

So... Um, Nope. Nothing.

     I am pretty much drawing a blank.  There's not a lot to talk about that isn't highly-politicized, or at least an on-ramp to a highly-politicized argument, and that can of worms is already rancid.

     Tam and I are watching Stranger Things, which is...interesting.  I'm not usually much of a fan of TV and movies with teens and kids in the leading roles, but the series setting of "Hawkins, IN" is very loosely based on Marion, Indiana* (minus the Mississinewa River and plus more hills than actually exist) and I just happen to have spent several years there.  That bought it time enough to draw me into the story.  It's interesting so far.
* This is from some web-published material that includes a series-official map of the town.  There is a case to be made for a Southern Indiana location based on later events, but Season One includes references to Jonesboro as a nearby small town, which puts Hawkins very near Marion, so...  There are even quarries around Marion.  Nothing so grand as the one in the TV series, but they exist.


Paul said...

It is really getting wierd out there

Rob K said...

I loved the show but as a native Hoosier and aspie, there are so many little details that trip me up. The license plates are wrong!

Roberta X said...

Rob K: wrong, but close, at least in the first season -- a "2XwNNNN" that almost worked. At first sight, I thought the first two digits were "27," which would put Hawkins in Grant County.

Rob K said...

I suppose I should be happy they used the correct plate, even if the numbering was wrong.

The total lack of Purdue, IU, and Notre Dame gear caught my attention too, but I imagine the licensing fees to make it period correct would have been enormous.

jamie said...

Did you ever watch 'Eerie, Indiana'?

Roberta X said...

Indeed I did, Jamie! It was charming. And almost as weird as the reality.