Wednesday, July 15, 2020

You Know What's Not Fun?

     It's not fun when you put in weeks of work on a poorly-documented project, only to discover the physical side is largely moot, while most of the software set-up you have done turns out to have been actively harmful and has to be removed and redone from scratch, thanks to an undocumented but known bug.

     Gee, thanks.

     On the other hand, I get paid the same, if my efforts are productive or useless.  Which turns out to be way less fulfilling than it might be -- the money's nice and every other Friday is a little party in my bank account, but an ornamental stone dog might be able to do most of my work just as well.

     One more frustration in a time of frustrations. 

*  *  *
     Meanwhile, in Miami, the infection rate is 28% and they have testing lines that stretch for blocks.  Maybe they're standing too close to one another while they wait?


Paul said...

I don't trust results that have to evaluated to know if you have something or not. At least something that can kill you. Oh, wait, everything can kill you. Bother

Roberta X said...

You know, Paul, maybe that's not a sentiment you need to share with someone who has chronic high blood pressure and low thyroid function, both of which have very few visible or otherwise easy-to-notice signs and require evaluation to diagnose.

A lot of illnesses are not terribly obvious -- and in the case of COVID-19, a major factor in the the spread is that many people who catch it have mild symptoms or even none at all, yet they can pass the virus along to people who are more susceptible and who will suffer badly from it.

Infectious disease has no politics. Trying to hammer this one into the various political agendas of everyone from BLM protesters and counterprotesters to supporters of the Dems and GOP and so on has not helped get it under control, and has only impeded the kind of research and collection and analysis of data that would help doctors get a better understanding of the risks and how best to mitigate them while groping for a cure.

Jeffrey Smith said...

Let this thought brighten your day: you don't live 30 minutes from Miami. [Unlike me. Which is why I don't leave my house unless I absolutely positively have to.]
Things will get better eventually. We just need to make sure we're still around when they do.

Bruce said...

Miasma ?
It's what happens when you build a city in a swamp