Wednesday, July 16, 2014

And On And On And On

     Towards what or in service of what, I dunno; it just keeps rollin'.

     "Shots fired on the East Side" took on a slightly different meaning last night, after a rebuffed masher in a car struck and injured the young woman he was pestering when she ignored him: as the hit-and-run creep drove off, a bystander took a couple of shots at him.  While it's generally not legal to shoot at a malefactor who is leaving, police were remarkably silent on the topic, focusing instead on the lowlife scum who injured a young woman. There's a moral here about the wages of criminal creepitude, and I can't help but hope this serves as an instructive example to creeps everywhere.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully, the person who fired the shots will remain a mystery :)

Joe said...

On the other hand, I find the notion that shooting a ta fleeing car is a waste of lead and only increases the odds a random bystander gets hit. To me this is akin to the idiots that opened fire in broad Ripple 'cause someone bumped into them.

There is a time and place to escalate the violence. neither example rises to that level.

rickn8or said...

Joe, just marking the evidence for later identification.

Mostly to preclude the "Nuh-uh, I wasn't there" Defense.

Karl said...

wow. ya, bad judgement by shooter, but great judgement by cops.

Thanks for sharing the story.