Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Assorted Items

     - This morning's Roseholme Breakfast is Midwest Looks South-by-Southwest Hash, consisting of 2/3 country sausage, 1/3 chorizo, a couple of small potatoes (diced), three huge green onions (sliced), a couple of piced hot petters chopped up and the leftover half of a red bell pepper, likewise, with a couple of eggs scrambled into it.  Dee-lish!

     - This morning's news, mostly the missile mess, has Tam in a state of quivering And Now The News... attentiveness.  It's a morbidly-fascinating soap opera and we're all reluctant extras: Cue William Conrad! "Will Mr. Obama scold Mr. Putin?  Will Mr. Putin stick out his tongue and thumb his nose in reply?  Is there any way we can make them stay after class and write something on the blackboard five thousand times, possibly, 'I will not dance blithely and clumsily around civilization-ruining brinksmanship,' or words to that effect?  And what of the various and assorted whistle-blowers and the various spy-on-everyone programs who are undaunted thereby? [CUE dramatic organ chord] Tune in for our next exciting episode here on CNNBCBSABCFox!" Unless one of the nitwits decides to push too hard in the meantime.  Last word to Sturgeon: "...killed over 7.25 billion people before they got 'em."  H'mm, not quite what he wrote. 


Bubblehead Les. said...

Gee, a Thug decided not to follow a Treaty.

Sure wish this...."Administration" was in the Hands of Grownups and not a High School Poli-Sci Club.

Roberta X said...

Yeah, well, good luck with that no matter who's in.