Friday, July 18, 2014


     There ya go:

     Okay, the sub-rosa (for very small values of "rose") Russians in Ukraine are shooting down civilian jetliners, there's war an' politics an' destruction an' mayhem an' general unhappiness.  But I can't fix any of it; barbarians, like the poor (but way nastier) will always be with us.

     I can't fix it.  About all I can do is be decent to other folks and hope it's contagious.


JPD said...

Shoot, we were all counting on you to clean up the I guess we have to get off our butt and get to work......sigh

Old NFO said...

One hopes, but I'm not counting on it...

Anonymous said...

Well Said. I heartedly concur, and sincerely hope wiser counsel will prevail.
May the victims rest in peace, and their families, friends, and associates, including the investigation and recovery crews, be consoled in their grief and afflictions and trials henceforth.

XS3mdrvr, aka Joe Harwell