Thursday, March 05, 2015

Speaking Of The Cinema, Dr. Watson--

     The Brits have got a Holmes-out-of-retirement flick to be released this summer. It stars Ian McKellen as Sherlock Holmes, deep into retirement in 1947, tackling an unsolved case.  I don't know the source material, but it could be interesting.  Alas, the trailer at the linked site is country-exclusive and the 'States aren't on the "kewl kids" list.

     Oh, here it is--

     Could be good.  Could be heart-wrenching.


Old NFO said...

Looks interesting, and I'll go see it! :-)

Bob said...

Heart-wrenching would be good; sometimes you need catharsis.

Anonymous said...

Keeping fingers crossed. The screens hasn't always been kind to Holmes and far less to Watson, his highly able, courageous, loyal friend and chronicler.

Harvey Morrell said...

If you use Chrome, there is the "Hola" extension that gets around the 'not available in your country' BS. I use it a lot to access German TV.