Sunday, April 26, 2015


Tam (Holding up some iKindleThingie): "I know better but it still seems wrong that there are rare earth magnets all around this pocket computer."

Bobbi: (Engineerishly) "There's no magnetic storage in those."

Tam: "I know, I know -- but still, computers, you weren't even supposed to have food or drinks around them!  I remember losing a week's homework because somebody stuck a CB magnet* on the side of the filing cabinet the floppy discs were in!"

Bobbi: "Tam, how old am I?"

Tam: "Ancient."

Bobbi: "And what do I do for a living?"

Tam: "Ancient technology?"

Bobbi: "No."

Tam: "Obsolescent technology?"

Bobbi: "No, really.  Other than records, radio and TV were and mostly still are all magnetic storage.  --And yeah, the magnetic connectors on my Surface weird me out in the very same way."

     Who knew The Future was magnets instead of plastics?
* Tam and I both remember mag-mount CB antennas, the quick & dirty way to equip your car for the CB craze. Of course, I used 'em for ham radio antennas -- but I must admit, if it wasn't for CBers, those gadgets would not have been so inexpensive and widely available.