Monday, August 08, 2016

Breakfast: Italian Omelet?

     I don't know what else to call it: mild but flavorful Italian sausage, sliced cherry tomatoes, a light cheese and olives filling an omelet.  I didn't have any Mozzarella, so I used Muenster instead.  Fresh scallions would not have been remiss; I faked my way past this with a little de- (and re-) hydrated onion.  Throw in a sprinkle of "Italian" seasoning (basil. oregano, parsley, etc.) and there you have it.

     As is my habit, a few crushed saltines and enough water to make them mushy lent body to the three-egg omelet batter.

     Alas, I woke up Tam to share, and it turned out she'd been up quite late indeed, winding down from a weekend shooting class.


Richard Tengdin said...

You have a way with simple recipes that makes my mouth water just reading them...

Roberta X said...

Mission accomplished, then! Thank you.

Years ago, one of my friends described me as "an excellent short-order cook." I rarely make anything fancy, but I know what I like, I know how to cook it and I know how to describe it.