Saturday, August 06, 2016

Well, That Was Fun

     I worked until well past midnight last night.  Like a goof, I had forgotten I was on a late shift, and set a before-work appointment for the early morning.  As a result, I woke up at five a.m., rushed out the door, did the thing...and then found myself with six hours to fill.

     A bicycle ride to fetch donuts -- I pedaled hard, so maybe the calories will cancel out? -- and a short nap seemed to do the trick, but sleep hit me like a hammer when I finally got home and laid down.  It's possible I'm not as young as I once was.

     I hope I managed to rescue a frog.  I happened to walk through the huge garage at the site where I was working and something went "Eeep!" and hopped weakly away, dragging a trail of dust and lint.  I was a smallish frog, which had probably wriggled in through a gap at the corner of one of the overhead doors.  I carried it out to a damp patch near a high curb, where it would have a chance to dodge at least some of the things that eat frogs.  There are crickets a-plenty in the garage, some of them big enough to let a small frog know it had been in a fight, but no water


Old NFO said...

IF nothing else, you tried... That counts! :-)

Hat Trick said...

Might it have been a tree frog? A shooting buddy of mine who knows the local flora and fauna found one in similar straits at my gun club a few years back. Appeared to have gotten washed onto the roof of the clubhouse and down thru the downspout by a downpour and was without water to go to when the gravel dried off. We got him back up in the tree we thought he had come out of and hoped for the best.

Roberta X said...

There's a breed of frog that lives in the drainage ditches and not-quite-a-creek at the site: smallish, dark-green, with a very pointed noise and a tendency to exclaim "Eeep!" when startled. This appeared to be one of them, quite some distance from the nearest body of water.