Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Ew, Get It Off Me!

     My new Kindle Fire 7 arrived with The Washington Post presubscribed for some free trial period.  The headlines are horrible but fascinating -- it's like having a sewer back up through a tidal pool every day: repulsive but you have to look.  Alas, it's also banal and on the whole, represents the same dumbing-down that caused me to drop the local paper some years ago.  You can line catboxes just as well with the free hippie newspaper.

     You give 'em a First Amendment and what do they do with it?  Print photos of swimmers giving death stares at their competitors.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I switched from the Gannett Star to the WSJ several years ago, so I could have an opinion and editorial page that I could read without screaming at it.

I haven't missed the local news at all.

Anonymous said...

Free ain't cheap, in so many ways.

I deleted it the second I found their gracious benefit {/sarc}.

Carteach said...

Yup.... there was some serious delet'in going on when I got mine.