Thursday, August 18, 2016

Here's My Plan....

     Having just enjoyed a tasty bacon, Muenster and horseradish omelette (the filling is one strip of bacon, crumbled; one slice of Muenster cheese, spread with horseradish sauce and cut into small bits, very nice), I intend to get into the shower early enough to get out of the house and buy a couple --or more! -- actual fresh donuts.  I don't have them very often and I do like them so.

     ETA: And I didn't have them today, either.  Turned out I had misplaced my car key and I had to make a frantic search for it.  --Hadn't got it quite snapped onto the lanyard last night and it had migrated to the very bottom of my purse.  Last place I looked.

1 comment:

Phssthpok said...

Of course it was the last place you looked... Once you found them you stopped 'looking'! ;-)