Thursday, September 13, 2018

And I'm Off

     Off to the rarely-visited North Campus today, or at least that's the plan.  The good side?  Access to a Five Guys burger joint for lunch.  The bad side: not sure if I'll have a lunch break.

     The kitchenette up there has been largely non-functional since the Mouse Invasion of 2017 despite remediation efforts, so it's brown-bag all the way and no fridge.  Well, we had was a 1950s Ford/Philco refrigerator and a 1970s microwave oven when I started, and they'd had to sneak the microwave in by calling it a communications link. The place was renovated a decade later and there were many years with Kenmore's finest in the break area, plus a good coffeemaker.  The coffeemaker didn't survive the first long stretch of no regular visits; the rest lasted well over twenty years.  With zero staffing, there's not much point in spending on creature comforts.


Old NFO said...

That sucks, and I'd definitely take a lunch break for 5 Guys! :-)

Roberta X said...

...But the burger place had moved and I didn't find out until I was in heavy traffic. Maybe next time.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Did you find it? It's at 86th and Purdue Road, across the street from Chick-Fil-A and behind the Einstein/Noodles building. The space used to be an Outback, years ago, and then it was briefly a Cajun restaurant whose name I misremember.