Saturday, September 01, 2018

White Night

     Went to bed about 10:30.  Up again at 11:30, midnight, and so on.  A throbbing sinus headache was most of at and by 2:30 this morning, I gave up and used my sinus irrigator.  That opened the floodgates and it was another hour before laying down didn't result in sitting back up and reaching for a tissue. 

     Around five, I nodded off and didn't wake until Tam sat on the foot of my bed to look at the news and commiserate with the cats about their lack of breakfast, shortly after six.  I fed the cats (Tam can fend for herself, after all) and stumbled back to bed, sleeping through hours of news and occasional foot-of-bed commentary.  9:30 or so, the lack of coffee drove me to my feet again and now, a cup of lightly-cinnamoned coffee and a bacon/olive/Parmesan omelet later, here I am.

     Giving serious thought to going back to bed.

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Carteach said...

I'm at two Benadryl before bed, but that must end as I am on morning classes the next three weeks. With a 4 am wake up, I can't afford anything at bedtime that makes groggy. I'll have a beach towel in the car to hack into. &^%&^#%@ allergies.

In other news, I just bought two pounds of good bacon, so tomorrows breakfast is going to be EPIC.