Saturday, September 08, 2018

Rain And Turnips

     The good news is, you can cut turnips into thin slices and fry them in bacon grease -- they taste great!  They don't get crisp the way potatoes do, but they're pretty good.  I think cubed turnips and corned beef would be pretty good; you'd want to start the turnips well ahead, and maybe add some onion and diced bell (or other) pepper with the meat.  Might even boil the turnips a little in the skillet; I'm of two minds about that, since the flavor is a little delicate and might be lost that way.

     The bad news?  It's raining.  A lot.  My bad knee has meant I wasn't keeping the gutters clear.  The bill came due last night, with a little water in the basement, so I got out the extension ladder and cleared them in the rain today, six feet at a time.  My hat got soaked, my sweatshirt got soaked, my jeans, shirt, gloves and hands got soaked and I got soaked.   And I did my right knee no good, if the pain and swelling is any indication.  But the gutters and downspouts are clear.


fillyjonk said...

Rutabagas (which are practically turnips and are sometimes called "yellow turnips*,"),potatoes, and beef - pasty filling (and a good hash on its own, especially if you add some allspice and thyme and a little onion.)

I had relatives in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and pasties were a big thing; pasty stands were everywhere - they were brought there originally by Cornishmen who came in to work the mines.

I understand parts of Arizona also have a pasty tradition.

(*Or "Swedes," which is probably not very politically correct but they DO feature in a lot of Scandinavian cooking as they grow well in cold climates)

Roberta X said...

Also, IIRC, "neeps." A nice, smooth turnip is a "turned neep," and a swede -- rutabaga -- is a "Swedish turnip." They're close relatives.