Sunday, September 30, 2018

Headlight Washers?

     When I first got my current vehicle, Tam pointed out an odd button on the dashboard:  "Look, this car's got headlight washers!"

     I was doubtful, and pointed out there weren't any wiper blades or the like on or near the headlights, just a couple of funny-looking raised spots, hole plugs on the front bumper where they'd be if my car had them, which it obviously did not.

     So the matter rested.

     Yesterday, the car needed gas, and since there was some dispute if it needed regular or premium gasoline,* I handed her the owner's manual to look it up while I drove.  She kept on leafing through it as we went to the five and dime,† and then read a review of the car on her iPad on the way to the grocer's afterward.  As we pulled into the lot, she told me, "I'll bet you there really are headlight washers.  Park and get out; I'll push the button."

     I agreed.  Pulled into a space, left the lights on, and walked around and gave her the high sign.  She leaned over and suddenly, those two "hole plugs" popped straight out, sprayed the headlights, and retracted back to where they'd been.  I let out a little whoop as they did so, surprised and pleased.

     Tam opened her door and leaned out, "Now you go push the button while I watch!"

     Darnedest thing I have yet seen on a car.
* Premium, barely.  Lexus set the minimum octane rating within a single digit higher than the typical "regular" grade around here.  It'll run all right on regular if need be, but it runs better on high-test.

 † Oh, all right, Target.  And it was chess night at their coffee shop, four tables of intent players and spectators.  There are many things to like about this part of town.


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...


Merle said...

Sometimes it's good to be easily amused... :)

pigpen51 said...

I am afraid that if I had headlight washers, I would use all my washer fluid trying to impress those who are not worth impressing, and then not have any for when I actually need it to clean my front window. But it would be totally worth it.

Paul said...

I have seen washers with wipers. Benz for the most part. I think a quick wipe when I fill is enough. But if you have them, use them.

Buying old luxury autos is fun, till they need some obscure part. But fun is what fun is.

Roberta X said...

Paul, it's a 2007. I'm told most parts are available.

In the 1990s, I kept a couple of '73 MGBs running for quite awhile. Though to be fair, my ex found the "running" sufficiently uncertain that he insisted I drive his spare car, a Suzuki Samurai, which I did for most of a decade. I'd say we kept it running, too, but other then brake pads, tires and fluid changes, it never needed anything. And the tires failed due to age, not wear.

jdunmyer said...

My Chevy Bolt has a dual-function rear view mirror: flip the lever one way and it's a conventional mirror, the other way and it's a TV screen. Useful if you have a 3rd person in the rear seat, I guess. And, the rear camera has a squirter aimed at it, that works great if it's been raining.