Friday, February 01, 2019

And A Lovely Parting Gift!

     At least it's pretty.  The extreme cold is moving on.  It's all of 17°F (-8.3°C) right now, which is a huge improvement, and the temperature should reach 31 later today.

     But there's about three inches of powder snow on the ground, streets, sidewalks and cars parked outside in my neighborhood.  I'll have my own share of it to deal with and apparently, it's much slicker than you might expect; the morning TV news was a litany of car wrecks and slowed or stopped traffic.

     Let's all be very careful, whattaya say?

     This weekend and the early part of next week is supposed to remarkably warm for this time of year.  I won't like the mud but nicer temperatures will make a big difference!


Paul B said...

Warm is better.

JayNola said...

They rerun hill Street blues on the hero chanbel, it's over the air only as far as I know, on Saturday nights. Dig the reference. That guy was cool. Interesting how they wrote his death into the show after he died.

Drang said...

We're supposed to get our first this Sunday/Monday.
We probably wont get more than an inch or two all winter down here in the (relative) lowlands of Western WA, but 2-3 inches of snow, and temps in the 20s, is not unlike a foot or two and sub-zero temps back there in the heartland.

(You thought I was going to say "flyover country", didn't you? Remember, I grew up in the Michigan...)

pigpen51 said...

We here in Michigan actually don't like this weather much. My wife is a lifelong Michigan resident, and she loves winter. Since we have been married for over 26 years now, I have forgiven her by now. But I still hate winter. We really can't complain, since we didn't get nailed until January, but we have some deep snow drifts right now, but this warmer weather and the drizzle should knock it down a lot.
I had not gotten stuck in my car for over 20 years but yesterday, I got stuck in a snowbank, while trying to turn into a business, and going too fast, I hit the snowbank on the far side of their entrance, and got my front wheels off the ground, so with no traction, I could not move. A guy with postal carrier clothes pushed me, and got me unstuck. He was not working, due to the post office being off that day due to the danger of delivering the mail. I tried to give him some money, but he would not hear of it, but he was going over to the next parking lot to help another person get out of the exact same situation. Good people are simply good people.
We are supposed to be warm through Monday, with temps in the mid 40's and rain. Gotta love Michigan.