Thursday, February 28, 2019

Here's Hoping...

     This is a pre-scheduled post, because I have to take my car to a specialist garage early this morning.

     I was up late last night, because I suddenly realized I, well, might have forgotten to renew my license plates.  Which expire the day after tomorrow.

     Got that done online -- thank you, Indiana BMV! -- and went to get out my insurance card.  Nope.  I had two cards for the Yamaha motorcycle, one for the motor scooter, that expired in December for my Lexus.

     I dug through every mailing I had received from my insurer and it wasn't there.   I checked all the usual places and found some old mail and still, nothing.

     Oh, I have insurance.  I automated that payment several years ago.  But I couldn't prove it, and I'll be getting a loaner car, which means I ned proof of insurance.  So I logged on to the insurance company's site, and my computer started crashing.  Firefox isn't really stable at present.  Fine, I rebooted.

     But I hadn't saved my username and password.  So I had to get that and the first time, their system took too long to send me the reset link.  Started over, finally got it, and then I must have fumbled what I clicked on.  It set me up to get a copy of the motorcycle insurance card.  Backed up and started over and finally, I got a copy of my car insurance card!

     I sure hope the service shop accepts it.


JayNola said...

With the prevalence of apps for insurance they'll probably be fine with a temp, might call it in to check.
I'm not okay with handing my phone to an LEO to "verify" insurance coverage so I like to keep a card in my wallet still.

Anonymous said...

If you are a long time customer, I'm guessing they will do you the favor of accepting the card.

Roberta X, did i not sign this iPad in? said...

I’m a brand-new customer. They took my print-out — and put me in a VW CC loaner. Pretty plush.

pigpen51 said...

I am thinking that Saturday must be your Birthday. That is how it is in Michigan. If that is the case, Happy Birthday. If not, Happy Saturday, have a nice weekend. I hope things are good.

Roberta X said...

In Indiana, it's only by birthday for your driver;s license. Plates use a different system.