Friday, February 15, 2019

Secret Identity?

     Apparently, my Chemex fought Soviet Communism!  Well, not mine, exactly, but the design was one of the foot-soldiers for an unexpected Cold Warrior, the Museum Of Modern Art.

     The more widely I read, the more plausible the "Hidden Frontier" becomes.


Douglas2 said...

A thrift-store charity resale shop that I frequent keeps a box of stuff marked "free" by the door, typically stuff that either hasn't sold or that the receiving volunteer doesn't think will sell.

Last visit, there was a Chemex in the box -- less its insulating handle, but I think I can improvise something there.

Roberta X said...

Douglas2, Chemex will happily sell you a replacement handle with the leather string and wooden bead that hold it on!

Their product support is outstanding.