Monday, February 18, 2019


     Politicians.  As a group, they're obnoxious, attention-craving, fickle and deceitful. They involve themselves in the most amazing graft, scandal and petty-but-despicable behavior.  

     Yes, they're horrible.  I can think of no group of persons who would more deserve to be saddled with the dull, boring, messy and imperfect process of running government.  I don't much trust them to do it well, or to stay inside the limits they are supposed to observe -- but better them than some finer group of men and women, who would be taken away from doing useful and productive work in other fields of endeavor.

     Think of a Congressbeing of whom you disapprove -- would you want that person driving an 18-wheeler on the same highways you take?  Designing a skyscraper or passenger aircraft?  Doing brain surgery?

     No, we're better off with them where they are.  At least we can try to keep an eye on them, and work to vote out the worst of them.


JPD said...

Excellent point. That's a perspective I had not considered. Right now I am imagining some of the big name politicians in an 18 wheeler. You are correct.....scary!!

fillyjonk said...

Truth. I would far rather have my doctor doctoring ME than trying to deal with politics. (And rather have her doctoring me than have almost anyone I can name in politics as being my doctor)

rickn8or said...

But Roberta, they can do a lot of damage by the time we can get them voted out.

Roberta X said...

Then, Rickn8or, we should not have voted them in!

Since I think they're all pernicious and most are fools, for me it's just a matter of degree. Some are bad, others are worse. YMMV.

waepnedmann said...

"Once a man has been in politics he is no good for honest work."
-Will Rogers