Friday, February 08, 2019

Where's The James Bond Theme Music?

     There's supposed to be James Bond theme music and a splashy gun-barrel photomontage when a shaven-headed billionaire with his own space program tangles with a shady tabloid publisher who has possible ties to bloody petrodollar moguls, dammit.  And where's Bond?  I've been watching those movies for years now and even this early in the film, he's supposed to be right in the thick of the action.

     --Of course, one side was supposed to be quite visibly Simon-pure and true (not to mention hidebound), and as for the phrase, "below-the-waist-selfie," one can hardly imagine something more at odds with the straightforward bedroom athletics of 007.  It's starting to sound more like Harry Palmer than Ian Fleming's man of action and intrigue, only with less panache.

     There's probably not even going to be a secret base or inexplicably explosive computers, either.


Ritchie said...

inexplicably explosive computers-
I miss the olden days, when you could spot most of the failed parts because the tops were already blown off them. Not to mention certain types of capacitors which would "fail upwards", producing a shower of paper insulation confetti. Causing the attending technician to freeze in place.

Roberta X said...

Electrolytic caps do, at least, still bulge and vent. Bond-film fires and smoke, I don't miss. Selenium rectifiers were a nasty thing to have fail.