Wednesday, March 06, 2019


     Really ought to post something.

     I'm a little sick today.

     To make matters worse, yesterday, I had washed my hands and was flipping excess water off my fingers into the sink, and suddenly something felt terribly wrong at the base knuckle of my left social finger.  It hurt like the very dickens!  It's still hurting, and now swollen and something is rubbing in the joint.  Don't know if I should do something about it or not. I've got some topical stuff that seems to be helping.


Merle said...

Perhaps the cartilage has worn out - you should get it checked out.
If it is arthritis, a pain killer isn't the answer!


Paul B said...

I would get that checked. You should not get a pain flipping your hands unless you hit something.

Jeffrey Smith said...

As others have said...that's not good.
Of course, as the cliche has it, getting old is no fun, but the alternative is worse.

Roberta X said...

Is it?

Merle said...

Yes, because we want certain people to stick around for a long time.

Eaton Rapids Joe said...

"...left social finger.."

Dang it, girl. You made me laugh.