Thursday, March 28, 2019

Working On Writing

     The class I took recently was a "writer's group:" every week, we'd turn in 1500 to 5000 words of fiction and the other writers in the group would go over it, looking for and commenting on the things that needed work.

     When the class ended, six of us decided to keep going.  Weekly was a bit much -- I don't know about the others, but analyzing and critiquing was taking nearly all of my free time through the week -- so we chose to meet monthly, with our manuscripts to be submitted no less than ten days in advance.

     Today is the deadline.  I'm over 10,000 words into what I am hoping will be a (short) novel and I've got maybe 2,000 words of new material to pull out, reformat and submit to the group.  So I've got to get on it.

     Wish me luck; if I can get this work done, it'll be a look at the Hidden Frontier back when Earth (the United States Space Corps) and the "Far Edge" rebels of the Federation of Concerned Spacemen were trying to wage an interstellar war.


pigpen51 said...

That sounds a little like my English Comp. class that I took at community college. The very first college level class. It was actually fun, and taught me to think when writing fiction.
Our teacher was a single woman, who was very independent, she sailed around lake Michigan from Chicago to the Mackinac bridge and back to Muskegon. Alone, which was unusual at that time.
I ended up taking about one year of classes plus a year of Bible college. All of it was pretty much done for my own knowledge and love of learning, instead of working toward a degree. At one time, I perhaps might have thought about a degree, but learning simply for the sake of learning is not a bad thing.

Rick T said...

The quarters with your name on them have been stacking up for a while... I'm looking forward to reading more about the Hidden Frontier.