Wednesday, March 04, 2020

Doctor, Brunch, Nap, Drugstore, Grocery

     It's the darned "nap" part I don't like.  I had a good sleep last night, woke up fine and went to the doctor.  Then Tam and I walked over to a nice place for brunch -- and darned if I wasn't worn out once we got back home.  I thought I'd just relax a bit but I was out like a light within minutes of laying down.

     Tam decided I wasn't going to wake up any time soon and made a run to the big-box store, a jumped-up five and dime.  I woke up about the time she returned, just in time to make a run to the drugstore for some new prescriptions.

     I am hopeful one of them will help with this sleepiness.  Tests suggested it might: my thyroid's about half-asleep at the switch, despite being yelled at by other parts of the endocrine system.  Been there before, got better, and now it's back.  There are drugs for that.

     Got ambitious and made a big pot of Hoppin' John for dinner -- with an Irish Banger sausage, a big ham steak cut up in cubes (I haven't seen real "seasoning ham" for years now; I need to get over to the fancy butcher and find out if they've got it), some nice mirepoix (celery, onion and carrots, cut up and ready to go -- tolja I was sleepy), fresh mushrooms, canned crushed tomatoes, canned green chilies and a can of blackeyed peas.  Cooked up the meat (sausage first), added vegetables and mushrooms, and once that was done enough, added the canned stuff and a little this and that in the way of spices.  Ten minutes of simmering and it's about as good a quick home-made dinner as you could hope for.  I had mine over rice; Tam didn't.  Hot sauce to individual taste.

     Starting the new drugs tomorrow morning.  It'd be nice to be able to stay awake.


RandyGC said...

Hope the new stuff works better.

I just absolutely love it when the docs decide to switch up my meds. Not. Fortunately to date the end result has been an improvement

Countglockula said...

I have been plagued by the sleepys for some years now, though being in the mid-seventies hasn't helped the situation. Last year my doc said I also had a sleepy thyroid so I've been taking medicine for that. I will say that I haven''t noticed any real improvement, nor increased energy.

Could it be that I'm just getting old?

Roberta X said...

They've got blood tests for it. He should be able to get a pretty good idea where you are.

Ken said...

I haven't made Hoppin' John in a while (and I first learned of it here). I like the one you described in this post; gonna save it for later in the month.

Roberta X said...

I am happy to have introduced you to the stuff!