Sunday, March 01, 2020

     From 20 June, 2017:

Singing To Tam's Cat

Rannie, Rannie, Underfoot Wu,
How do you say "I love you?"
With winks and blinks and sometimes nods,
Which no one thinks is even odd.

You purr and beg for table scraps,
Or mice we've caught in humane traps.
You'll let no one tell you what to do,
Rannie, Rannie, Underfoot Wu.

     1 March 2020:

Oh dear Rannie, Underfoot Wu,
This life became much too much for you.
Slept curled at my elbow, night after night,
Wheezing and sneezing in the dim light.

Went warm to the register when the furnace ran,
Huddled there comfy and dreamed as cats can.
You left purring and smoothing while we sobbed and held you,
Rannie, Rannie, Underfoot Wu.


pigpen51 said...

I am sad for you beyond words. I have faced this same issue with pets of my own 3 times, in the last 25 years. My son had to do the same for his dog a month ago, after having lost 2 of their dogs to old age last year, both of them 18 years old, with this last one only 8, but having a tumor.
Please accept my condolences and wishes for your hearts to be healed.

Antibubba said...

My condolences to you and Tam. I lost 2 in 2018, and adopted an old lady shelter kitty last summer who may not (or may) have long. What makes it bearable is knowing you gave them the best life you possibly could.

Secesh said...

Beautiful Poem. R.I.P. Rannie Wu.

fillyjonk said...

Aw dammit. Got dusty in here all of a sudden.

My continued condolences; I've lost too many cats over the years and it sucks hard every time.