Friday, March 20, 2020

Hang Together -- Or Hang, Separately.

     If you're still banging a drum about partisan politics, give it a rest, willya?  Just for a while?  I'm not saying you need to learn to love Nancy Pelosi or Donald Trump; I want you to be around to vote on the matter in November.

     A summary of the report that made the UK rethink their strategy is here, and the report itself, including predictions for the U. S., can be downloaded here.  It's grim.

     Chart seven at this link compares infection-rate curves for various countries, aligned for the 100th reported case from each country.  The U.S. looks like Europe's average, lagging the EU by about two weeks.  What they are experiencing, we likely will; not as bad as Italy, I hope, but bad.

     Don't tell yourself conspiratorial fairy tales about this thing.  Sure, keep your eyes open and your powder dry; that's always wise.  But take this virus and the response to it seriously.

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