Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Stay-Home Morning

     There's a remarkably beautiful and dangerously thick fog over Indianapolis this morning.

     It's a good morning for it.  Indiana is under a formal "Stay at home" order as of twelve this morning.  My industry is deemed essential, so I'll still be going in to work.

     I have yet to find a scaled-to-population graph of the progress of the infection per country.  There are so many of us in the U.S. that it's not as easy as it first appears to compare growth rates from country to county.  It appears the rate of increase in the U.S., the slope of the curve, is at par with that of Europe as a whole; we do not appear to be as bad off as Italy, we're not doing as well as the best; but it's not a huge difference and we're a week or more behind Europe.  The slope could change.  The data is so minimal that it's only a guide to making informed guesses.

     The world will get through this.  It is not going to be easy.  This is comparable to WW II; not as intense but breaking out all over, in the space of a few months.  It's going to take the same pluck and determination to get through it -- and there will be casualties.


Anonymous said...

Gives current per-capita data, but trend data is overall.

Rob K said...

That fog with no cloud cover above it created a beautifully ethereal brightness out here in the hinterlands this morning.