Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Vertigo-Go A Go-Go

     Yeah.  Hit pretty hard today and all taking an Antivert pill did was make me sleepy.  Managed to find things to do (removing dead old wires) that mostly involved sitting on the floor because it's darned difficult to fall off the floor. 

     Having less and less fun.  If I had fewer obligations--  If wishes were horses, what a barbecue we'd have.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the vertigo. I had a lot of fun with it a couple of years ago.


Will said...

I had a bad case of vertigo. Lasted weeks. Couldn't be vertical for more than a minute, tops. That would tumble my gyro. Nausea went along with it.
Well after the fact, doctors have concluded it was a stroke. Not having all the classic symptoms, I didn't seek medical assistance for it. Need some brain scans to confirm, at this point.

Roberta X said...

Oh, dear, Will! Tam;s had the dizzies the last few -- I don;t think I'll tell her about this just yet, if you don't.