Monday, March 30, 2015

Super-Secret Salad Dressing

     Except I'll let you in on it: Good, flavorful olive oil, balsamic vinegar, "Mediterranean" spice mix, some extra chives, fresh-ground black pepper, a pinch of sugar and nice zotz of lime juice.  Let set, shake, taste, add salt or adjust the oil/vinegar/lime balance as needed.  It's tasty!

     (The basic ratio is three parts oil to one part of the acidic liquids -- count the vinegar and lime juice together.  You can often wing this; I find myself using a bit more balasamic.)

     I had it over a mixed-veggie salad: radishes, grape tomatoes, carrots, Anaheim pepper, exactly two olives (one black, one green), a pickled mushroom and just a little mixed-herb greens.  And I'm planning on taking the same thing to work tomorrow, only with sections of blood orange added.

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