Tuesday, May 21, 2013


     Prolly not what The Conventional Wisdom would say I should be eating, but Tam brung me a burger from 20 Tap wit' toe-maters (eek!), onyum & lettuce on some kinda fancy-schamncy bun.  Add a little Gulden's and some chili sauce (we of Roseholme sneer at mere ketchup) and it's hittin' the spot most majorly.

     20 Tap is yet another of those Broad Ripple places with a chef-refugee from an El Humongeo outfit expressing his or her long pent-up desires for a menu of truly interesting and tasty food; even something as simple as burger gets extra attention.  Sure they have not a mere 20 but thirty-eight (38) craft beers on tap, but you need some pub grub that'll stand up to the excellence and theirs does.

     Heck, it even works for me, washin' it down with orange pop.

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Anonymous said...

My father always used chili sauce in lieu of ketchup.
I'm not a particular fan of either, preferring mustard.
Different strokes and all that...