Tuesday, May 28, 2013

....Um, Hello?

     I admit it: I have been ignoring the news.  I got nuthin'.  Oh, overheard this morning that the EU has decided it is oo-tay to sell weapons to the Syrian rebels now -- 'cos there is nothing Unified Europe likes better the World Peace except, maybe, money and a chance to mess with a former colonized area.  Kids, a hornet's nest and a long, long stick--  Okay, a lotta this type "hornet" is already a bee under their bonnet, and maybe swatting's too good for 'em, but y'hate to look.

     At least I do.  So I have not, as mentioned earlier, been seeking out The News.  And yet it's still difficult to avoid.


BobG said...

Happy birthday, young lady. Congratulations for completing another successful journey around the sun.

Old NFO said...

Yep, that is one hornet's nest that 'may' come back to bite them!

rickn8or said...

Mmmmm. Wasn't this exactly the sort of thing that UN Small Arms Treaty was supposed to prevent?

And since John McCain is getting all on board with arming the rebels, we know the precise direction to take: 180 degrees from whatever he suggests.

And yes, large amounts of congratulations on your most recent circumnavigation of our star. You want to do that as many times as you can.

Jeremy Brock said...

My guess, as cynical as it may be: The opposition to the Syrian regime is dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood. Therefore this is just the EUros' roundabout way of trying to appease their own current troublemakers without blatantly appearing to do so.