Sunday, August 03, 2014

More Fair

     You know why they call it a "midway," don't you?  'Cos it is neither here nor there:

     The Nope trails off:

     Snappy snapshot of the Horticulture building, where every year, we enjoy cold glasses of fine Red Gold *Indiana* tomato juice!  (It really is the best -- if they sold it in single-serving cans, I wouldn't bother with V-8).  I stopped for an old-fashioned strawberry shortcake on the way out, too: dee-lish.  This is also one of the two places you can find honey ice cream, which tastes even better than it sounds: ambrosia!  Also brain freeze, but well worth it.  (I'd already had a small serving at the FFA building, which is the other place you'll find honey ice cream -- Tam had some too; it's that good.

     Also in the Horticulture  building, every year, the bonsai competition:
     Fine, Indiana's "a cornfield with lights," but our lights do illuminate.


Sean D Sorrentino said...

I don't know how you two do it, but you make wandering about the State Fair seem like a lot of fun. I'm not much for Fairs, but your photos and comments make me wish I was with you while it was happening.

Old NFO said...

Sounds like a good day out and great pics! :-)