Tuesday, August 19, 2014

No Seasoning Required

     Hot food for a hot day:

     One (1) chorizo sausage
     One (1) leek
     One (1) good-sized Hatch chili
     One (1) Poblano pepper, likewise
     Two (2) eggs (chicken preferred -- you make this stuff with turtle or pigeon eggs, you're on your own.)
     One (1) slice Iberico, Manchego or similar cheese (to taste)

     Get the sausage started, dice the vegetables and once the chorizo is starting to brown, add leek.  When the leek is starting to shine up, add the Hatch chili and follow with the Poblano right before you sweep it all to the edges, turn up the fire and quick-scramble the eggs.  Cheese is diced over it once you turn off the heat.

      You don't need to add anything, not salt nor pepper nor even Tobasco, except maybe a slice of toast or some other moderator.  It's tasty!  (I had some citrus-walnut red quinoa salad on the side. YMMV.)

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Tam said...

...and it was delicious!