Saturday, August 02, 2014

State Fair Photos

     A near-random sampling from the Indiana State Fair, where Tam and I spent most of yesterday.

     The NOPE was very strong this year:
     Oh, not even by astral projection:

     Classic tractors were plentiful!  Here's a tough little Ford:
     Tamara K, Tractorographer:
     The John Deere fan's view:

     Mass transit, Hoosier-style:
     Snicker if you like, but these trams are hugely popular.
     It's a buck for adults, free for kids, one round trip per dollar max.  I think we ought to run 'em downtown, especially during conventions. 

     The recently-updated Coliseum, taken from the tram, looking across the big dirt track and infield parking:

     For those of you who still doubt the reality of the Hidden Frontier, here's a war-surplus Escape Pod, I think USSF/NATO standard issue -- someone has removed all the tags, so I can't be sure:

     And, to close for now, a big stationary engine, hard at work:


Robert Fowler said...

Nice 801 Ford. I need something like that. I don't know why, I just want one. I keep getting told no by the short woman.

JohninMd.(HELP?!??) said...

That's the problem with being an engineer, you get all "Nopey". Those rides can only kill you once.....

Overload in Colorado said...

The tram picture reminded me, did the Fair Train run this year?

Anonymous said...

What are the silver three wheeled tractors in the background of the 801 Ford pic?


Tam said...

"The tram picture reminded me, did the Fair Train run this year?"

Yup. You can hear it from Roseholme Cottage.

Dave In Indiana said...

So much negativity. Where's your sense of adventure? Now go back, partake in plenty of that tasty fair fare then get your adventure on and try out those rides.

Roberta X said...

Nope. I get enough fear in my daily life.

Richard Blaine said...

Um, escape pod from what? What kind of escape are we talking about here?

It's cool looking but it doesn't look sturdy enough to navigate much more than a calm lake....