Sunday, August 31, 2014

This Morning's Brekky

     A "What's Needing Et?" omelet: BelleVita cheese, gun show "Lil' Chub" smoked sausage sliced, cooked a bit to get the grease out and drained likewise, diced red bell pepper and cherry tomatoes sliced and allowed to soak up Italian seasoning all sauteed enough to stabilize them, and a couple of green olives sliced thin.  Skillet greased with sesame oil ('cos you've got to use that stuff up, it's got a half-life measured in fortnights).  Sprinkled some sesame seeds into the pan before adding the batter, just because.

     I'd've taken a picture but it was making me too hungry.  Plus, you know what a finished omelet looks like, right?  Fried mostly-egg batter,* folded over tasty stuff -- if the only thing I ever accomplish by my food-blogging is to convince more people omelets are not difficult to make, I'll consider myself useful.
* My current mild-cheat recipe is one saltine per egg, mashed up and covered in just enough milk to soak up.  Add some water (maybe a teaspoon per egg), add eggs, throw in a dash of Worcestershire or whatever, beat until uniform in color and consistency, and pour into a well-greased, non-stick pan over low heat. cook until the middle or one side it firm enough to add ingredients, make sure the edge(s) you will turn up gets well-cooked; then flip up and cook until done.  Goes quicker if covered but you've got to keep an eye on it.  You must use a pan that doesn't have sidewalls that get in the way of your spatula; a wide spatula is very handy and there's no rule that says you can't use two if necessary to make the fold.


Anonymous said...

I have a dozen eggs I'm bringing to BR for the two of you today.


D.W. Drang said...

My second job ever was as busboy in sort of a family-style restaurant/greasy spoon. Tried to be a short-order cook for about 2 weeks, but couldn't get the hang of using the pan to flip eggs over easy or omelets, and was busted back down to busboy. I think of it as building my "the author has held jobs as..." bio/resume list.

Also, I had always heard that sesame oil has too low a smoke point to use as pan lube. Obviously not a problem for you here, the key probably being "over low heat." Since I love the way sesame oil makes stuff taste, I thank you for the tip and will have to give it a try!

Dave In Indiana said...

I shouldn't have read this one. Got up this morning and got busy right away, forgot to eat breakfast. Fired up the smoker and threw a picnic shoulder I prepped last night on. About another hour to go.