Sunday, May 29, 2016

Then I was A Year Older

   And at work.  Since 0400.  It's that kind of day in Indy.  If this was a starship, the engines would be moaning, the lights would be blinking, and we'd be well outside normal reality.  That last may have genuinely been achieved this morning.


Anonymous said...

We've been outside of normal reality for some years now. And the Presidential Election of this year just reinforces that.

C-90 said...

And do you owe your soul to the company store?


Roberta X said...

Feels that way. A professional peer described my employer's attitude towards my doing any side work as "they treat you like a field hand." Or, in fact, a surly Morlock; the company I work for made their big bucks in the newspaper business and as far as they are concerned, all technical employees are just like their notion of pressmen: a bizarre, grimy, incomprehensible underclass with no real intellect or understanding of the big picture.

Oh well, the pay is still pretty good.