Thursday, March 08, 2018

And Overnight, It--

     You know the drill.  Snow.  Yesterday was chilly but only partly cloudy; it was above freezing and by evening, the snow that had fallen was gone. 

     We got more.  And the temperature dropped and kept on dropping.  It was snowing pretty well on my way home last night.  This morning, we have a coating of snow -- and patches of "black ice" on the roads.  Stretches of interstate highway have been closed, just as rush hour begins -- and the first batch of drivers appear to have found the slick spots the hard way.

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John said...

Our area of Philly got about eight inches of wet heavy snow and the snowthrower struggled even at the lowest gear. We moved the snow after dark, and the headlamp worked great. I added a bicycling butt blinky to the back of my snowsuit.

Today the schools are to open on a two hour delay and my schoolteacher wife will set off in the older AWD, it isn't her driving ability that concerns me, it is those that think AWD or four wheel drive turns snow and slush into dry roadway.

Be careful out there.