Saturday, January 19, 2019

A Little Dinner

     It's actually leftovers from last night.  A good meal for a cold evening: temperatures are in the twenties now and predicted to reach single digits overnight.

     Ingredients include kielbasa, a pound and a half of on-sale New York Strip steak cut up (it was considerably cheaper than their steak tips and they were out of stew beef), fennel bulb, onion, carrot, a few Brussels sprouts (quartered)* and diced giant Portobello mushroom caps. Once that was cooked enough to suit me, I added some beef stock and fire-roasted crushed tomatoes...which were kind of overpowering, so I put in a little more stock, a handful of raisins for sweet and sliced black olives for salt.

     It was pretty good last night but it still needed...something. So tonight, I added a can of black-eyed peas, basil, and celery flakes with a dash of Per-Peri sauce and that did the trick!

     I was especially happy with the kielbasa's contribution; it was just one sausage squeezed out of the casing but it smelled heavenly as it cooked down and added to the broth.

* A little bit of cabbage improves the broth, but you have to buy a whole cabbage.  Brussels sprouts are at least as good, and you can use them a few at a time.

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Bob said...

"they were out of stew beef),"

Stew beef is usually not a good buy. You can almost always find meat that is cheaper per pound and the cut it up yourself. Don't pay them for cutting up the beef.