Saturday, January 12, 2019

Snow Day!

     It's snowing.  It's been snowing.  My Bobbiometer snow gauge (which readers will recall measures snow depth in inches and "kiloPascals," only the latter not really) reads two and a half inches on the ground and lots more on the way.

     Our plans today include not going anywhere.  There's a gun show in town, but it runs through Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Weird Weather this Winter. Rain in Minneapolis in December AND January. Tomorrow it melts some more. Twenty miles South of me starts the NoSnow Zone - in January! You have to go farther North or down to Iowa to find snow.

Glad to hear you are healthy. Don't second guess the symptoms. That is what doctors are for.

Douglas2/Unknown said...

A conversation earlier today in the car:

W: How heavy is that

Me: A kilogram is about 2.2 pounds, or $3.75 Canadian

W: What? You're being bizarre!

Me: . . . and that surprises you?

At one point I tried to make sense of the kPa to inches scale, but i heard a "swoosh" over my head as I did so.