Thursday, January 17, 2019

There's Still Plenty Left

     Sweet orange marmalade* on toast: good.

     Sweet orange marmalade in oatmeal: not bad, don't know if I would try again.

     Sweet orange marmalade and peanut butter sandwiches?  So much better than grape jelly!  It surprised me.  It's a real treat.

     I bought a jar of orange marmalade on a whim, week before last.  The store was out of rye bread and if I'm going to have to eat white bread,† I'm going to have something to put on it.
* Traditionally, marmalade should have a bitter component from the acid in the citrus juice that helps it set.  The Smucker's orange marmalade of my youth -- and occasionally, adulthood -- is made to be sweeter and less bitter.  I'll buy Dundee or another traditional type occasionally, too, but for "comfort food," the sweeter version wins.

† Mass-produced white bread is much too cake-like for me.  The "hearty" versions toast up all right, with Pepperidge Farm "Farmhouse White" and "Italian" among the best.  Most store-baked white bread is okay, but shelf-life is short and having to slice it is unhandy.  Home-made bread?  It usually gets eaten within a couple of hours of baking!


Carteach said...

I make my marmalade with mandarin oranges, lemon and lime, sugar, and a splash of tequila.


I need to try other types of oranges.

Roberta X said...

I wonder how blood oranges would work? They're certainly flavorful!