Wednesday, January 02, 2019

New Year's Day Dinner

     You can, in fact, grill corned beef brisket. It tastes great! I'd become frustrated with simmering; it's too easy to overcook.
     The corned beef should be rinsed very well before cooking. You might even want to soak it to get some of the salt out. Apply the contents of the seasoning packet to the non-fatty side before you cook.
Use a pan on the center of the grill bars and no coals directly under it (or only a few); they're all pushed to the sides. I let it cook for a half hour with the fat side down (and could have gone longer), then turned it over, covered it loosely, and added half a cup of of hot water. Checked it every thirty minutes, adding hot water if needed. Took a couple of hours for the center to reach 160 degrees F. I added four shishito peppers for the last twenty minutes or so -- had them left over and figured it couldn't hurt
      It was cooked over hardwood lump charcoal and some hickory chips. Now I'm going to have to try this with a plain brisket!

     On the side: carrots, onions, potato and cabbage, simmered in lightly salted water and served with butter and pepper.  Start with boiling water, add  carrots and onions first, followed five minutes later by quartered potatoes, then a head of cabbage cut in six wedges five or so minutes later.  Ten to fifteen minutes later, it's done.  You can tell by the potatoes going soft.  Cabbage will be tender but not rubbery.

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