Saturday, August 31, 2019

Kind Of A Recovery Day

   I slept in, did a lot of laundry and worked around the house.  Managed to make Swedish pancakes for brunch and a second iteration of Friday's "Hoppin' John From Tins" that added French country vegetable soup and smoked beef sausage to the original.

     The original?  Look, I was sleepy after work Friday and didn't want to shop; I had canned crushed tomatoes, canned blackeyed peas, frozen mirepoix (that's onions, carrots and celery, all chopped) and a can of...Spam.

     Yes, Spam.  We always have a few cans and use them up and replace them so it's reasonably fresh.  I diced it and browned it so it would have some texture, then added the mirepoix (handy stuff, though fresh is better) and a little paprika, thyme and sage for luck.  Got that cooked enough, added the beans and tomatoes and a few bay leaves and let it simmer.  Not bad with little hot sauce, especially over rice.  Adding smoked sausage and the rich vegetable soup today gave it some depth, plus I'd poured off about half the liquid yesterday before freezing the leftovers, so it was nice and thick.

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waepnedmann said...

Things have gotten grim in some of the cites on the left coast.
Spam is now under lock and key in bigger grocery outlets.
Did we have an influx of deported Hawaiian felons or what?

Also, diabetic test strips, pens, disposable razors, and Monostat have all been interred behind glass.

The pattern eludes me.

Meanwhile, the seemingly organized urban city youth appear to be using a random number generator to decide which
drugstore to rob on any given day within a 150 mile radius of Modesto, Sacramento, Stockton, and environs.