Sunday, August 04, 2019

Two Days, Two Mass Shootings

     And the toxic little warts who committed them are already famous, too.  We've got to stop that.

     We've got young men growing up with no socially-approved "tribe" at all; not even as "approved" as hippies and preppies once were, and then we're surprised when the ones they carve out for themselves are so awful?

     Most mass shooters -- and the online culture that seems to foster them -- are the flip side of urban gangs, essentially the same thing only organized online and financed by nothingburger jobs and cheap housing in Mom and Dad's basement instead of being organized in person and funded by crime and drug dealing. Seething resentment?  Check.  Need for some kind of social order that is satisfied in the coarsest way?  Check.  A general feeling of not having a future?  Check. An inability to confine their violence to one another?  Check.

     There's a hole in their lives.

     This is a void that cannot be stamped out; you cannot get rid of a hole by digging it wider and deeper.  It's got to be replaced.  Filled in.  Right now, a purulent mess of bad ideas and worse behavior is what fills it.  Egging one another on is what fills it and then spills over to harm innocents.

     The bulk of the participants are of "warrior age," and that's exactly what they'd've been up to in a simpler and more violent time.  Here and now, they have no meaningful or socially useful enemies to fight, not enough work and too much petty distraction.

     I don't know how to fix it.  I do agree that "thoughts and payers" are not a solution, but I'm not seeing any laws new or old that could fix it, either.  We're going to have to fix it at the source, somehow, and the source is not hardware or "society" or even "the Internet:" it's individual people, individual relationships, and tribal-scale culture and cultural institutions.

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