Monday, August 26, 2019

Roast Pork Hash

     Our grocery store has a nice deli counter.  They often have small pork roasts in their hot food case, which I'll build supper around on nights I am too tired or busy to cook.  I did so last Friday.

     Even a small pork roast is more than enough for two adults; I stashed the leftover roast in the freezer that night and moved  it to the fridge Saturday night.*

     By late Sunday morning, I was up, feeling much better and hungry, too.  There was a potato that wanted cooked, an onion in the fridge, and that nice big pork roast...  Say, couldn't I make hash with all that?

     I could.  I did.

     It cooked up nicely; I added a little this and that (rosemary, fennel seed, salt and pepper) and snipped in some pickled cherry peppers; add a fried egg on top and there it is:
      Roast pork hash! Lots of flavor; might've been even better with a few shishito peppers, which go well with pork, but even without, it made for a fine breakfast.  Served with a little pickled okra on the side, just because.

     I'll be making this stuff again.
* My cold-or-whatever had become really bad by then.  I could barely breathe through my nose.  I figured Tam could carve herself a slice or two of pork roast for her Sunday dinner while I tried to get through the cold.  Early Sunday morning, well before sunrise, I realized the ailment didn't quite have full head-cold symptoms, took an OTC allergy pill, and hey, presto!  Within hours, I was cured!  It was the worst allergy attack I've ever had.


Old NFO said...

That's a nice little breakfast. :-)

JPD said...

AH HAH! The mystery is solved. You must be allergic to Tam.

Now that we know, your loyal readers can assist in eliminating the source of your allergy attack.

I will be first. Step #1: Soak Tam in Tabasco sauce. #2: Store in basement for 24 hours. This simple remedy will eliminate the Tam germs affecting you.

Good luck!!

Roberta X said...

I'd pity the poor fool who tried Step 1. Briefly.