Thursday, August 29, 2019

The Ground War Against Allergies

     Since "nuking it from orbit" proved to have near-disastrous fallout, I'm struggling with my allergies the hard way: OTC analgesics, sinus rinses and stoicism.  Well, make that last "quiet whining."  And lots of what we are pleased to call "facial tissue," the good people at Kleenex® being understandably vexed at genericizing their name.

     So much fun.

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Ruth said...

Allergies have been bad this year here too. Had a colonoscopy a couple months ago, didn't take my allergy pill the night before (though when I later asked they said it would have been ok), figuring that one pill wouldn't make a difference, and boy was that a bad idea. I've just finished the antibiotics for my 3rd sinus infection this year (usually I get 2, one early spring and one mid-fall), and the way my sinuses feel I suspect I'll be headed for #4 before long. The doctor wants me to try a different allergy med, but I've tried that one before and while it might do the job better it also knocks me for a loop for upwards of a couple weeks at least, and then, even after I get used to it, if I miss even one pill I have to go through it all over again. So I'll pass.